Gettin an ARC - giving up my multiple?

So I’ve been playing the multiple re-entry game since January 2004. My school is offering to get me an ARC. Assuming they get started at the beginning of January 2005, what can I expect? Specifically:

Do I have to give up my MR visa (this is my understanding)?

Will I need to leave the country?

As I understand it there wasa a time I could have converted my MR visa to a work visa, then a residency visa and ARC without having to leave the country. But now I’ll need to get my work visa, then leave the country and apply for a residecy visa, then come back and apply for ARC (and I know my employer does most of this “applying”). Which one can I expect?


You should be able to get MR with your ARC; they’ve given me one every time, without my even asking for it. As for having to leave, it’s been 10 years since I converted a tourist to a work visa, and I had to fly to Hong Kong and wait. In HK, they told me it would take a week, so I flew to the PRC and went travelling for 2 weeks, then returned to HK, where I was told that they hadn’t begun processing my permit yet :fume: . Nearly broke, I waited another week in HK, eating the cheapest noodles, and listening to Mandarin tapes at the public library (unable to afford any other entertainment). Finally, I got the ok, and returned to TPE, barely able to cover the bus fare to my apartment!

This probably won’t happen to you…

man, if I could have multiples, I wouldn’t give that up for a bit of laminated green cardboard :smiley:

My ARC came with an MR without asking, and I have three. My first ARC took 6 weeks. If your current visa isn’t good for at least that long I think you’re looking at another run. My employers did all the paper work. Except for signing more than 20 sheets of paper there really should be little for you to do. If you do leave the counrty to do the res. visa make sure you take proof of employment documentation with you. Otherwise, you will have to have your employer fax/ship documents before anyone will process your app. There may be more documents you would need. Find out before you leave.

cool… thanks y’all!

yeah i’m not sure still i want to give up the MR visa (it’s extedable too so i’ve been doing classes) but the health insurance would be nice, and so would the peace of mind that i’m not going to get nailed somehow… also, i do a lot of other-than-teaching freelance work and i’m always asked about an ARC… hmmm… we’ll see

You don’t have to “give up” your visa. They’re seperate entities, and anyway, the visa comes before the ARC anyway - you need a visa to get an ARC.