Gettin an ARC - taxes?

So I’ve been in Taiwan since January 25th (definitely more than 183 days). My new school is going to provide an ARC (I’ve been playing the multiple re-entry visa game) but I want to find out, with the end of the year drawing near, what will happen with tax rates.

If they apply for an ARC it will likely not get rolling until next week - possibly not till after Dec. 31st. So does that mean it’s a new tax year and I’ll be taxed at 20% for the first 183 days? That’d suck.

Your witholding rate is based on time in the country, not how long you have had the ARC. You will need to remind your employer of this though. And you’ll get the overpaid witholding back after you file your taxes anyways.

so what I meant is that I have been in Country since January 2004 (with a couple vacations, but I have been here well over 183 days). But I won’t get an ARC until after December 31, 2004. Does this put me into a new tax year (2005)? Being in a new tax year will I get the higher withholding for the first 183 days of 2005 (even though I was present in Taiwan for well over 183 days in 2004)?


Hey Forumosans,

I’m hoping that someone can clear something up for me. Since getting my ARC, I have been taxed 20%, which I understand is normal for newbies. The whole time, both of my employers have been assuring me that I can collect tax money before I leave Taiwan. I spoke with one person at the tax department and they told me that I should be able to get something back a long as had been here more than 183 days. I’m leaving on Thursday so I went to file today and was told that I actually can’t get any money back because I have only worked 179 days in 2005. The clerk I spoke with said that it’s the number of days in a tax year that matter and I guess that would make sense but it wasn’t what I was told by others. Anyone know if it’s total days or number of days in a tax year?

It’s number of days in a tax year. But it is not days you have worked, it is how many days you are present in Taiwan. If you can extend your stay longer or come back later for enough days to get up to 183 days, then you can get a refund. Entering on any visa status will count towards this. Keep in mind that a partial day when leaving Taiwan does not count towards this (unless you enter and leave the same day).