Getting 3rd tone diacriticals to show instead of white boxes

As mentioned here, [ … 112#393112](Today's Chinese sentence some 3rd tone diacriticals, the mark above pinyin that looks like a ‘v’, disappear and turn into little white boxes. This is very inconvenient for us in the Learning Chinese thread, as we want to be able to represent pinyin on a daily basis. Is there any solution for this? Thanks!

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That was quick! :sunglasses: Ok, what’s a browser? :wink:


Actually, it’s probably having the Chinese Windows that is doing it for me (I’m guessing wildly here)

But do play with your Character encoding and let us know if it makes a difference

No, I already ran thru Chinese simplified, Unicode, Big 5, and Western Euro, and that’s not a solution. I’m running XP, English with Chinese language kit. Next?

My work computer (I sometimes work a bit) is Chinese and I get the white box problem.

If I post from home (where I also work a bit) the system is English only and I get no white box.

Oh yeah, I have a Chinese computer at work, English at home, and I get the problem on both.

Note that in Word, some fonts don’t support particular vowel-diacritical combo’s; Times New Roman supports them all, though. So what font are we in here, and is it a font problem? Can that be changed?

This font looks like Arial - the site’s CSS is normally set for arial, verdana and helvetica if a font-family is specified at all

[quote=“Goose Egg”]It works for me - I’m using Firefox with Western ISO-8859-1 encoding on Chinese Windows.[/quote]I use Firefox with the same encoding but on English Windows, and it also works fine.

Testing it with Internet Explorer, however, I get square boxes whatever encoding I select.

Okay, I’ve tested with several different browsers:
Firefox 1.0.6
Mozilla 1.7.7
Konqueror 3.4.2
Opera 8.02
Internet Explorer 6.0.2
Links 2.1 (in graphic mode)

All of them are running in SuSE Linux 9.3 (Internet Explorer under WINE).

Firefox, Mozilla, Opera and Links(!) show everything fine.
Konqueror and Internet Explorer can show this character:
but not this one:

If you can’t see the second character, here’s a screenshot:

You can use to convert from numbers to tone marks, and it will generate the correct characters for the third tone (e.g. “ŏ”), which can be seen in any browser.
Or switch to a real browser! :stuck_out_tongue: