Getting a B Education degree in Taichung


could anyone offer me any info on this?
what i have so far is
go to class on Sundays (3hours)
do a weekly online exam every Tuesday
NT$40 000 per month
this is a one year qualification.

is it advisable to relocate to taichung just to qualify myself as a real teacher? it’s internationally aclaimed right?


I studied education, phycology, and linguistics in the states before coming to Taiwan. Although it made me a better teacher, it did not make me more respected by the Chinese. They still saw me as a backpacker who’s only real qualification was playing with their children in English.

This is one of the major causes of my burnout after teaching for 10 years.

However, the other day, when I attended a parent/ teacher meeting over a student’s progress, I was introduced to the parent as having studied developemental phyc. I felt this was one of the first meeting where the parent actualy respected my qualifications. It felt good.

Maybe times are changing.

How exactly can what you described be considered a university degree? Three hours of class a week for an academic year? I swear to god Taiwanese universities are the worst I’ve ever seen.

or you could go to st. domnick’s college in basco, batanes,PI. tuition is 5,000 pesos (about 50 US) per semester and live in paradise for two years. they’d be happy to credit you for previoulsy earned crtedits.

The University of Phoenix in the U.S. offers similar, academically soft programs. A UOP degree is good only for being able to say “Yep, I graduated from college.”

I used to teach for UOP. It is solely a money-making concern.

I have another problem with this idiot program. Basically, three hours a week for an academic year is just one class, right? Well, at the quoted prices, Harvard would be cheaper. My suggestion - do not encourage this kind of thievery by enrolling.

For that will cost you for one year, you can get a recognized distance MBA from a decent european school.

Would be more useful - even when teaching.