Getting a buxiban license for my home?

If I wanted to each small classes in my home completely legally, I understand that I need a buxiban license. How easy is it to get such a license and what is the process? I know that I would more than likely get away without a license, but that’s not what this post it about.

Do I need to own my home or is rented okay?

If rented do I need permission from my landlord?

Are any educational credentials needed?

Do buxiban licenses expire?

What city are you in?

New Taipei
新北市短期補習班設立及管理規則(105.07.06 訂定)

As for building

第 6 條 補習班之班舍及教室,應設置於補習托育類用途之建築物。 補習班之班舍總面積不得少於七十平方公尺,教室總面積不得少於三十平 方公尺,平均每一學生使用教室面積不得少於一點二平方公尺。

And Article 12 of

The uses of your building should be registered as the category of buxiban in New Taipei.

Article 3-3.

I doubt very much that your home could pass all of the regulations to become a legal buxiban. The main problems that I can think of would be the hallway width problem, class size requirement, and the fire exit problem. If everything was up to code in your home you would still need close to 1 million ntd to get your buxiban licensed. You do not need to own your home but you are required to have two years on your lease at the time of applying for the license. Where are you in NTC?

You’re permitted to teach a limited number of students without a license, aren’t you?

Four or five students does not require a license.

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Total or in any one class?

Tutoring doesn’t require a licence.

In New Taipei, I believe more that 4 students in total should be registered.

if it is not publicly promoted, and not at a fixed place, or not more that 4 students.

What is the penalty for breaking this law?

Is it criminal or administrative?

Here are some threads I found by using the search function.

I also recall that a poster who used to go by the name @Taiwan_Student actually went through all the pain and suffering involved with getting his home teaching class set up. If I remember correctly, he indicated that all the steps required to creating a 100% legal home teaching situation wasn’t worth it in the end. He no longer posts under the name Taiwan_Student, and I don’t know his new handle, but he’d definitely be the one to talk to regarding this type of home “buxiban”.