Getting a checkup/physical/bloodwork?

It’s been a while since I’ve had any of these, and I figure I’m due.

I don’t have local health coverage but I have been to a hospital here before for specific treatment and it was a ridiculously cheap “cash only” experience which left a positive impression, so I am confident enough in the system to give it a try.

My question is about how I would get these more general tests and examinations done, since they are proactive and not because of any specific symptoms. Do I show up to the hospital and try to get assigned to a GP, etc. etc.

Basically, what is the process? And can I expect the “cash treatment” to be in line with other diagnostic services, or do things like bloodwork get particularly expensive here?

Secondarily, if anybody has recommendations for hospitals with good quality service and professionals-in English-in the Kaohsiung area, I’d appreciate the recommendation.

There are private hospitals that specifically cater to people that want ‘health checks’, and it’s all off NHS. about 30K NT$.