Getting a COVID test in Taipei

The thread has several irrelevant posts before the useful answers so I wanted to create a thread where the useful information is bubbled up to the top.

that is so for almost every thread.

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I also found this Chinese-language site to book a self-paid COVID-19 test. I will poke around on it and see if I can manage to get a booking, will also report back once I’ve actually taken the test on how the process went.

The cost for a test is NT$6,000 if you go with the slow (next-day result) option :upside_down_face:

Does the US require a negative Covid test to enter now?

Yes, see this page by the US CDC.

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Wow. Glad I saw this before returning in a couple of months. I knew we needed it to enter Taiwan, but it’s rather ironic to need it to enter the US from Taiwan.

Cheapest test in Taipei at the moment I think is 5000 or 5500 TWD

Here is the latest hospital list from the Taiwan CDC:

I got mine at Shuang Ho Hospital – next-day result for 5,800 TWD – no appointments are needed. Just arrive before 10AM on weekdays. I was in and out in 15 minutes. I highly recommend them.

Antigen testing is much cheaper: 2500-2600 TWD. Unfortunately, it’s only available at Tong Yen Hospital in Hsinchu and Landseed Hospital at the Taoyuan Airport.


Jesus. And presumably even more expensive in the US to get one to return. I’ll be doing both this summer. I hope my insurance will cover it, but I doubt it.

I got mine in the US for free - check out Project Baseline.

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Information from Cathay General Hospital- 國泰綜合醫院


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I wonder if NHI will cover the COVID test? I qualify for a NHI card since I’ve been here over six months. 6,000 out of pocket is not too bad, but I enjoy navigating Taiwanese bureaucratic processes (some sort of Stockholm syndrome from previous ARC-related experiences I guess) and so I’m going to apply for a card and then ask at a hospital if the test is covered.

If it’s a voluntary request due to going on holidays NHI doesn’t cover it.


The test is only covered if you show COVID symptoms, and a doctor requests it.

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I found out that this page is specifically for the Taipei Veterans General Hospital, which is a bit out-of-the-way in Tienmu. I’m going to try to get a reservation at the Taipei City Hospital, Kunming Branch which is closest to where I live, and failing that, try for a reservation at the Cathay General site that @chydals linked.

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I created a map of all the hospitals in Nothern Taiwan that offer COVID-19 PCR tests including price range (up to date as of the time of posting).


Is there a web page with more information on those hospitals offering antigen tests? I couldn’t find anything on the websites of Ton-Yen Hospital or Landseed Hospital.

For Ton-Yen Hospital, call this number: 03-552-7000. The phone numbers for Landseed Hospital at the airport are 03-3983456 and 03-3983486, but people said the lines were always busy.

that’s a great source!
thanks for the map and welcome to the forum

I called Landseed Hospital at TPE. They said they only do antigen tests between 3-5pm Mon-Sat and can take 8-10 appointments per day. Results available within 45 minutes. $2500 Mon-Fri; $3000 Sat.

This seems like a great option for those whose flights align with the testing hours. Unfortunately for me, my flight is at 10am, so I’ll probably pay $5000-$7000 for a PCR test in Taipei.

I didn’t bother calling Ton-Yen Hospital since Hsinchu is too far for me.