Getting a Driving Licence in Taiwan

Has anyone ever tried to get a driving licence in Taiwan… by going to a local driving school???

I remember that when I was in Hong Kong, there was a driving school with English-speaking instructors who could teach to foreigners.
It then enabled them to get a local exam… and the driving licence for Hong Kong.

Are there any English-speaking driving schools in Taiwan?
(my Chinese is not really perfect… good enough, but not 100% perfect)

Maybe Tienmou, Peitou, etc. where the foreigners are staying???

Actually, I am 19 years old and I would like to learn how to drive here in Taiwan… any help or suggestions??

Thanks!!! :sunglasses:

I’m afraid the “driving schools” (at least most of them) will not be of much help. If the above sentence meant you want to learn the skills required to drive on taiwanese roads, then the only place you can get them here are those roads.
The driving schools’ main focus is to bring their customer through the exam. Some directly advertise a kind of “exam pass warranty” - for which you might have to pay extra. The exam does not test your driving skills, only (as someone had put it here) “how to operate a vehicle”. You can go to the driving school and pass the test without ever having actually been driving in real traffic.
My advice: Find a friend with a vehicle, practice on remote roads, get the english exam book and after you passed the exam donate a larger sum to the god of your choice so he might hold a protecting hand above you…

I have been to a driving school here but just to pass the test.

Look in the Legal threads and you’ll find all the stuff you want about driving there without starting another thread about driving :unamused:

I heard this is the reason that Taiwan driving licences are accepted in so few places. Then Taiwan doesn’t allow those countries’ licences here in the name of recipriocity (sp?) :unamused:

Here is a list of all threads dealing with driving in Taiwan, including driving schools and so on.

Actually, the only thing Germany demands from Taiwanese is to take the road test there, because that is the part where a german and a taiwanese license test are different (on the surface).
Sounds quite reasonable to me, but Taiwan still claims that Germany does not accept their licenses - so Germans don’t get theirs…

[Taibei Motor Vechicle website]
Has English and Chinese.

Wouldn’t another option be to use an interenational driving license that you obtain from your home country? That way if you travel to a third country on business or pleasure you can rent a car there too.

I know they are accepted in Taiwan, but I heard for only 6 months at a time. Not sure of the details, like is it 6 months from entry? So if you leave the country every six months anyway, it would be good enough. Also not sure if you have a long term visa if you are disqualified from using one of these and must get a Taiwan license. Also, would be interested to know if these are exchangeable for a Taiwan license without a test.

I used an international DL when I first came to Taiwan. You have to go to the licensing office and have them register it, they’ll stick a form inside with about a million stamps on it, was good for a year. Does have something to do with reciprocy though, Ireland wasn’t on the list but the colleague I brought with me convinced the clerk to stamp it over the course of 5 mins.

I think most of the replies missed the point of the actual question.

Has anyone ehre actually learnt to drive by going to a driving school here. That is to say they didn’t know how to drive a car before they came to Taiwan, and then they went to the school and learnt to drive (or at least got a licence)?

I want to learn to drive too (or at leats get a licence), so I’d be interested to hear?


I have Taiwanese in laws that all learned from driving schools in Taipei, does that count?


It’s not learning to drive here. All it is is learning to drive to pass the test - THIS IS NOT DRIVING

Here are several examples of the English version of the motorcycle test. (note: these are not unusual examples