Getting a flight at short notice?

It is possible to buy a plane ticket at the airport if I had to leave in a hurry? Do you reckon I could get a flight all the way home, or should I just aim in the right general direction and take short hops?

i would think so - especially with cathay or china air.

You asking out of currosity, or planning a hiest? Everything okay? The badgers revolting?

[quote=“housecat”]You asking out of currosity, or planning a hiest? Everything okay? The badgers revolting?[/quote]Like I said, in case I need to leave suddenly without telling anyone.

If you are ready to pay the full ticket price I guess it shouldn’t be a problem … which would be approx. double what you pay at the travel agent …

Well to negate feeling bad about not getting a discount, fly FIRST CLASS. ITs virtually never discounted so it wouldnt matter if you bought it at an agent or at the ticket counter at the airport.

I would fly to Hong Kong (counter ticket 7000-9000), get the train downtown, go see Shoestring Travel or the like, and get on the cheapest next available flight to Blighty.

It depends on when. Some months or weeks - summer, Chinese New Year - are going to be fully booked. If there is a ticket, it will be far more expensive than we are used to paying. Could be only business or first class will be available. I’m having this problem right now in Europe. I just want to go home, but there are no seats available, except absurdly expensive coach seats with absurd connections necessary, or even more absurdly expensive business and first class seats.

With e-tickets these days you can pretty much get a ticket in a few mins from a travel agent. I fly a lot so my agent has my creditcard on file. I phone her up, she confirms the booking while on the phone and an e-ticket wings its way to my email account. All in less time it takes to order a McDonalds. I am regularly changing my schedule, mostly while en-route from China to HKIA.

Checking in you generally don’t need a copy of the ticket either… just hand over the passport.

So in theory with a setup like this you could be en-route to the airport and have your flight booked by the time you arrive.

If it’s a question of when rather than if, or if you would normally travel some time within the next year anyway, you could buy a ticket that allows you to change the dates.

PS Flying is dangerous. Buy a boat. They never crash.