Getting a Galaxy S2 and then moving to Canada

I am looking to buy a Samsung Galaxy S2 in the next week or so. I have a plane old phone now with a SIM from Taiwan Mobile (no contract). Will they just give me a new Micro SIM so I can continue to use my existing number? I do not want to be tied to a contract.

In 2 or 3 months I am planning to go to Canada, will I then be able to get a new number/contract there with the phone?

Any information is apprecited. Thanks!

As far as I know, the Galaxy S2 uses a regular SIM like any other phone, so your old SIM can be directly put into it. You may need to add a data plan from your mobile provider if you don’t have one now, but that would be it.

The 3 major mobile providers in Canada (Rogers, Bell, Telus) are all using GSM now, so you should be able to use the phone there.

Thanks for your reply. I am looking for a 32G version, but whereever I have looked they only seem to have the 16G version. Of course I will be adding another 32G via the micro SD. Is it possible to find the 32G version. I carry a lot of movies and music and I like to video stuff and I like the larger memory.

Have you considered the Galaxy Nexus? It’s a much newer phone with a much newer version of the operating system. The Galaxy S2 was released in April of last year, and will probably be replaced with the S3 in the coming months. I’d advise against purchasing a phone right before it’s going to be replaced.