Getting a Health Check for an English Teaching Work Permit Process While in America

Hi all. Long time reader, first time poster here.

Has anyone ever done the health check in America and had it recognized in Taiwan then used it to get a work permit?

Long story short, my girlfriend is stuck in America right now. Entry bans were announced just a few days before she was set to come to Taiwan. We have a contract lined up for her at my school chain and confirmed with BOCA that she can complete the visa process while abroad and enter Taiwan despite the entry ban, but just has to get a suitable health check completed. BOCA hasn’t really been helpful with directing us on what places are suitable for the health check except to say public hospitals. The problem there is that public hospitals in her area don’t seem to have general doctors who can provide this service since they work at smaller clinics, and we haven’t been able to find a solid answer on whether that route is suitable.

Any input would really be appreciated.

I did this recently in New York. Didn’t go to a hospital, just went to my doctor who is in a large practice with dozens of other doctors and it was accepted without question. My impression was that it didn’t have to be a hospital but no guarantees on that. Because of the COVID, I later had to get a doctor’s note saying I had no fever or lung infection and for that I went to a different doctor at a small practice.

Hey do you have the step by step process for getting the work permit and special entry visa for those stuck in America but have an offer at a school in Taiwan?