Getting a letter stating I've never been married in Taiwan

Hey there,

I am hoping someone can help me this issue I have. I’m getting married in my home country later this year to my Taiwanese girlfriend. The registration office back home is saying that I need to get an official letter from Taiwan stating that I have never been married here in Taiwan before.

Where would I get such a letter?



I am American & twice I got afadvits saying I was single FROM AIT TAIPEI & US embassy manila

Thanks for your speedy response Zhoumenglie. I’m Irish so I don’t think AIT is an option for me though.

This seems to be how people from US should do. You could check with the Irish authority whether a similar way with TECO is acceptable, and with TECO if they authenticate that kind of document.

Alternatively, the Irish Commissioner of Oaths could notarize a statement which states that you are free to marry. Another option would be to schedule a notary appointment at the U.S. Embassy Dublin and we can notarize an affidavit stating that you are free to marry ($50USD). We suggest you also check with the authority who will be marrying you if this option is acceptable.

i replied to give you an idea of what’s what because we are non-taiwanese thus situations are not so dissimilar in taiwanese eyes.