Getting a New 6-Month Multiple Entry Visa

I’ve been in Taiwan since October and my 6-month multiple entry visitor’s visa will be expiring next month. I’m basically here in Taiwan because of my partner, who’s working in the Science Park, and I am intending to stay here until he completes his contract (which should be sometime in September).

I don’t have a job here and I’m not attending any Chinese classes so I am essentially just staying with him. His company pays all of our expenses and health insurance so there are no financial problems.

However, will I experience any trouble getting a new 6-month multiple entry visitor’s visa in Hong Kong? Would I need to have a really good reason for staying on? I’m not sure if “I’m keeping my partner company while he works in Taiwan” is going to cut it, even though his company will be providing a letter to explain the whole situation. :s

Has anyone else been in this particular situation?