Getting a stray neutered/vaccinated for free/cheap?

Does the government have a program to neuter or vaccinate cats for free ? What do I have to do for my part ? Where do I go ? etc. etc…

I’m in Taipei County.

In Taibei City there is a 50% subsidy for having cats and dogs fixed. The hitch is that you have to register as the owner to get the subsidy so if the animal gets picked up you can be traced as the owner and fined. That is a disincentive for getting stray animals done and then releasing them. The other thing is that, as far as I know, the subsidy is available only for people with an ROC ID. In my case I have always registered the animal in my girlfriend’s name and she gets the subsidy. You have to apply for the subsidy within 10 days. These days the appication is done on line. It’s a bit complicated - maybe your vet can help you do it.

The Taibei City Government is now publicising “adoption instead of purchase, neutering instead of extermination” but I don’t know how the programme is being implemented and funded. The folks involved in Animals Taiwan may be able to answer that.

You could try calling YangMing Vet Hospital, as they work with an association under a woman called Dong Mama and sometimes have quotas for neutering and vaccinating (and returning) stray animals; they also give the animal a microchip to help prevent being killed by the govt dogcatcher.

Speak to Dr Yang on 02 2872 6911.

Good luck!


I might be able to get a similar thing at my vet - a limited number of strays free per month…
edit: this program has ended.

There’s another cat hanging around here. Someone downstairs is feeding her, so she is approachable and I reckon I could get her into a container with some strategically placed food.

Could someone at Taiwan Animals or TSPCA or someone pick her up somewhere and take her to a vet for me?

There’s a possibility she’s already slightly pregnant, she wasn’t approachable enough to let me do more than a visual check. I don’t know if that will be a problem.

I’m going to our vet in Tienmu on Thursday, so I could get her spayed for you. If she’s far into the pregnancy, though, we prefer not to.

[quote=“Stray Dog”]I’m going to our vet in Tianmu on Thursday, so I could get her spayed for you.[/quote]I tried to catch her today with a carrier and a trail of cat food, but she out-witted me. But she did get fed. I might be able to try another day, but she might be more cautious of me now.

[quote]If she’s far into the pregnancy, though, we prefer not to.[/quote]That’s what I was wondering. I don’t know how far she is, I’m no vet. I just thinks she looks a bit bulgy around her tummy.

If the tummy bulge is big, we probably shouldn’t even stress her. This is the only thing stopping us from neutering Maoman at the moment.

As I recall, there is a program out there, being sponsored by Mr.Terry Koa & his Trusteeship - Yun-Ling fundation, which will spay/neuter stray dogs/cats. The program is working with a hospital in Shi-Ji. I don’t have the info right off hand, but I will try to find the address & phone number; otherwise, could someone please try to get that info & post it here? Thanks.
Let’s help the strays as much as possible, especially with a good/free program like this one. :slight_smile:

Here it is, I found someone who posted at a different thread on FORUMOSA: :sunglasses:


[quote=“rozzypu”]recently i took in an injured stray cat, and from forumosa and some googling I was pointed to an animal charity hospital who treated her for free. so I’d like to share this info as I don’t see it on here. it’s called “Love for Animals. Care for life” charity animal hospital. they will treat injured/wounded stray animals for free, but they don’t keep them as would an spca. it’s financially supported by 郭台銘 (fyi), and all the vets (I believe there are 5 of’em) are certified and attended NTU.

Addy: 1F, Datong Rd. Sec. 1, Xizhi City
02 8691 5007 M-F 9:30am-6:30pm (closed on wkends)



這裡只幫流浪動物看病,結紮,做手術但不收留. 看病的費用是免費的.

服務時間: 週一~週五9:30~18:30(例假日休息)
院 址: 台北縣汐止市大同路一段141號1樓
電 話: (02)8691-5007
傳 真: (02)8691-9301[/quote]

Yes, it’s all free to STRAY dogs/cats. Please make best use of this program (service) - for no one knows how long this free program (service) will last. :unamused: