Getting a Taiwan Visa in Manila

Hi, I have a friend that needs to apply for a 30 day, or ideally a 60 day, single entry visa while in Manila this weekend. He will likely be arriving in Manila at lunchtime on Friday afternoon and returning to Taipei on the Monday lunchtime. I have spoken to the Taipei office in Manila and they have said they do issue 30 and 60 day single entry visas, but it was ultimately down to the discretion of the consul officer.

What I want to know is:

a.) Does anyone have any experience of applying for a visa at the ROC office in Manila?

b.) Will he have enough time to get the visa processed?

Any help or tips would be much appreciated. Thanks!


The TECO office in Manila accepts Visa applications only in the mornings and release visas in the afternoons. It normally takes about 3 working days to process the visa.

I guess that means it is out of the question for my friend to get a visa in the given time frame then. Oh well, thanks for the help anyway though.