Getting a Taiwanese citizenship

[quote=“kaikai34”]Does your father have citizenship? You need to have at least one parent with the ID card to be able to apply for (dual) citizenship and there’s no need to give up your current mysterious citizenship. If you don’t have a parent then you will have to go the naturalization route giving up your current citizenship but that process is completely different. You would not get a Taiwanese passport first and you have to live in Taiwan for something like 5 or 6 years before you can become a citizen.
Read this thread.
[url]How to get Taiwan Citizenship - Primer, FAQ, and Resources
Applying as an overseas Taiwanese seems to me a much easier route.[/quote]

He doesn’t. :confused: So I need to go through the naturalization process? I thought the passport itself would be enough, since the requirements said ROC passport, Taiwan ID card, or Taiwan Household Registration Certificate, and the fact that my mom has the passport but both my grandparents were Chinese.

[quote=“fh2000”]You have some good advise already. My wife and I are dual citizen (US and Taiwan). We went to TECO and got our 2 kids their Taiwan passports. It is very simple. Just one visit, and we showed them our own passports and their relationship with us. Paid something like $35 us dollars for each. A week or so later, they got their passports, and an
‘Entry permit’ sticker. Both valid for 10 years. This is the process if you are 20 years and younger.

I am not sure if my ABC kids would want to stay in Taiwan. We did this for them just so they have an option if they do want to . My wife and I do plan to come back to Taiwan after we retire.

Don’t think too hard about it. Give your local TECO a call and ask about your own specific situation. They are very friendly and eager to assist Taiwanese. If you have never dealt with Taiwanese official workers, your will be very pleasantly surprised.[/quote]

I do hope it is that easy, but I’ll have to call them to ask to be sure, especially since my mom only holds a Taiwan passport. ^^ Thank you, though! :smiley: