Getting a Wii to play classic games

Hi all,

I’m looking to get a Wii primarily for the ability to buy and download the classic NES and SNES games. Has anyone done this?

From what I’ve been told, only English Wii’s have access to (or perhaps are compatible with) those retro games. Can anyone confirm this?

I want to Zhongxiao Xinsheng computer district today and it seems a few people are touting what I guess are hacked or chipped Wiis which have either Japanese and English or even Chinese, Japanese and English all together. Can anyone tell me how this multi-language setup works or has been achieved and if it’s likely to mean the Wii breaks sooner (I guess if it’s a hardware Chip as opposed to a software update it could very well be compromised). Finally, does anyone know if these multi-language systems would be able to buy/download/play the retro games?

I have asked these questions to the guys in the shop, but I think they don’t know (or rather I don’t trust) what they’re talking about…



Why not just download an NES emulator?

Because I want a hardware solution with controllers on my big screen for multiplayer fun :slight_smile:

Also I do want to play the actual Wii games too - I’m just a casual gamer, so not interested in Xbox or PS3 even if they are “better”


Hi ALT83

An old original xbox system can be softmodded to play a whole bunch of emulators. NES, SNES, Arcade, Genesis (Megadrive) etc etc…

Can probably set the whole system up including thousands of retro games for about 4,000 NT which includes a big hard drive. Also works as a really good media player too :slight_smile:

Let me know if you want to give it a try. The hard part might be finding an original xbox system these days…

Agree with Mr Pubba. If you want the retro games, the xbox or ps2 are far better platforms than the wii. Just buy a cheap old xbox or playstation. Besides, two or three consoles in your living room look way cooler than one. :wink:

Thanks for the tips, I would consider it, but really want to play the actual Wii games too (and I know my girlfriend is keen on the idea of Wii fit - did anyone say virtual hula hoop? :laughing:

I can’t really help you out, but I can tell you that I use my American Wii (region 1, sent from my parents) here in Taiwan, and I am completely able to buy and download the Wii Virtual Console games. I’ve got Super Metroid, Street Fighter II, and a few others.

I’m pretty sure the Japanese Wiis (the ones you buy in Taiwan) are able to do this also. My friend has one of those and he said he was going to download some of those old games, but I never asked him if he did. Next time I’ll talk to him, I’ll confirm it.

Thanks, good to know.

I believe if it it’s a Japanese Wii you can only buy/download/play old Japanese games, but I’m not 100% sure…

I’d be interested to know if the chipped/modded multi-lingual Wiis they sell her will work on the VC store if they’re blocked at all… I would assume though if you have one of those you can simply download a torrent of compatible Roms and use that…