Getting a work permit for spouse (of a foreigner) on dependent ARC

Initially I thought that spouses on residence ARCs would automatically be allowed to work. I was surprised to learn that wasn’t the case (unless they are married to a Taiwanese citizen).

Someone posted this link in another discussion :

I did a quick read on everything written on this page, and from the list of work categories allowed + the number of documents needed, it’s clear that they have intended to make this process as complicated and difficult as possible.

From my experience , having applied for a Gold ARC and later applying for a Foreign Senior Professional (for which I rejected) , it’s surprising to see that getting a spouse work permit would require a similar amount of bureaucratic grind , possibly with a low chance of approval/success.

Either-way, I am planning to apply this for my wife but need to gather all the necessary documents first. Just want to know if anyone here has applied for this (successfully / unsuccessfully) ? & How was your experience with the overall process ?

Thank you