Getting an FBI report for criminal check as a Canadian

Technically a Canadian and not a US citizen. Understandably, this will raise a lot of questions from you readers. In short, I have a SSN and have worked in the states for most of my adult life. In order to get ARC or permanent residency, where can I possibly obtain a FBI report in Taiwan? Thanks all.

unfortunately, can only get FBI reports in the U.S.
Then you need to translate it and have Taiwan trade office stamp it.

You need a police report from the country of your passport, don’t you?


What he/she said.

Unless you are in special situation, your regular types of arc are based on citizenship. In my opinion (i am canadian, an dhave many american friends that went through the process here) i find the canadian route slightly easier. The only up the USA has on canucks in taiwan is having a southern embassy.

Get your criminal record check, via RCMP, and have it sent here.

Is the problem perhaps you have no one on the ground in canada to help with recieving and forwarding? If not, it just means you pay more but is still possible. And yes, everythingin canada will cost more. But it is still cheaper than a 20k nt plane ticket to go do it yourself. Feel good, it used to be a 50k ticket…haha.

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I had to provide two criminal reports, one from my home country and one from HK because I got permanent residency there(not citizen though). Perhaps something similar situation?

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Do you remember what the criteria is?

I applied for my JFRV in HK because I was residing there at the time.

Not sure why(perhaps they asked?), but they found I got permanent residency in HK, which led to me having to get the criminal report from both home in Europe and HK.

It could be though that they treat HK permanent residency to the equivalent for citizenship, because essentially it is (it doesn’t expire, and I can e.g. vote)

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I had to get one from Taiwan and the home country.

Would it not be more likely you needed it because you applied in HK? That would make sense.

If you are a citizen if a country you would need that countrys check. But i doubt if you applied in your home country, have residency in hk, but applied in your country that you would need a hk check.

But this is an interesting thought. Do dual citizens need to get criminal record checks frim both (or more) countries? That would REALLY suck!

I don’t have a ton to add with whether or not you need a US background check depending on resident status, but I do know a bit about how to get an FBI background check.

First and foremost, this process suuuuuucks. It takes like 3-4 months, and if I recall correctly (although you probably want to double check this), even using a handler / service cannot improve this time.

The main issue is that Taiwan will only accept a hard copy from the FBI that has been authenticated by the Washington DC TECO office in the states. You can get an electronic background check from the FBI fairly quickly, but they won’t accept this - you have to get a real hard copy from the FBI (I’m not sure if they would ship this out of the country, you might need a handler service to receive it in the states).

For getting fingerprints, if you’re in Taipei you can get them at the NIA office (I’m not sure if other cities NIA offices offer this, probably worth checking beforehand). One tip - I printed the fingerprint card at 7/11 on their card stock, worked out fine.

For getting the FBI check, you just request / pay for it online and chose a hard copy instead of electronic. I would also double check the TECO requirements on how to authenticate it. Re having it translated - I would check with NIA or TECO on if this is required, when I called I was told it wasn’t, but I’ve heard mixed reports which is a bit confusing.

Lastly, good luck! I really wish this process didn’t take so long… seems like it would be a win/win for Taiwan and the US to integrate this more. If you ask folks from other countries, the process sounds way easier.

No, they were rather explicit that permanent residency required me to get the cop report from HK, but had I only had mere non-permanent residency I would not have needed it.

I didn’t need to.

That would be a real headache for the likes of the Shinawatras! :smile:

But afaik it’s always the country whose passport you’re using that matters.

Why’s that? Do they have lots of citizenships?