Getting an iPad Repaired

My son dropped my iPad 2 on the ground. He’s still in one piece, lucky little bugger, but my screen is cracked. Where is the best place to get it fixed? I bought it at 3C so should I just return it there? Also, I read on some apple forums that Apple had an unofficial policy of replacing iPads with cracked glass for free ( these forums were based in the states). Any chance of that happening here? Has anyone replaced their ipad screens before?


Take it into an authorized Apple dealer and ask them where the nearest authorized service center is. They’ll take it in and give you a quote. You can then decide if it’s worth it or not. I’ve done that before with Macs and iPads both under and not under warranty.

I dropped mine and dinged a corner. The glass wasn’t cracked, but was lifted a bit by the dent.
The guys at the Apple dealer said there was nothing they could do. My only option was to send it off for repair, which would have cost NT$15,000.
Fortunately, mine still works, so I got off easy. Maybe you’ll get lucky. Hope so.

Brought it in to Apple care in NeiHu and was told it would be sent to Singapore for a replacement at a cost of 15 000nt :astonished:

My girlfriend offered to pay the 15 000nt for the replacement iPad and I’ll use that money plus an extra 3000nt to buy a new one for myself. Seriously not happy that this could not have been handled easier especially since I read (rumors?) on he net that people were getting a one time replacement for free in the states.

By the way, the smart cover sucks! Definitely get one that covers the front pane of glass!

Jesus. What a rip. If you can send it to someone in the states and have them bring it to any apple store, they will either replace the screen immediately or give you a new/refurbished one. They will also determine whether or not their warranty covers the damage. If it does, then it’s free, if not it’s $199. Worth the trouble IMO.

It’s Apple … they try to squeeze every penny they can out of the Apple crazy crowd … rip off your customers, they like it is their motto … they are so wealthy … it makes Apple shares rise … good for shareholders … hooray! They are glad you stepped in the trap!

Hi, so you guys basically concluded it’s not worth servicing and to just get another one? Mine literally got run over by a bus this morning. I managed to get all the files off it, but it looks beyond repair.

Basically I was walking down the street carrying the iPad 2 in a document case (like a book) and a bicyclist decided to try to barrel through a bunch of people getting off a bus. He ended up crashing into some people, into me, and knocking a bunch of people over. I dropped my iPad into the street and it bounced under the bus. The driver must have missed the commotion, because he promptly ran over the iPad.

Anyway, I really wanted to beat the crap out of the guy. People were pretty pissed off at the bicyclist, and he ended up getting chewed out and had his bike thrown over the fence, so that was good enough for me.

Damn! That sucks.
For the cost of repair for a simple crack, it’s worth getting a new one. Considering the damage yours took… I wouldn’t trust a repair to catch everything. Of course, they may just ship you a replacement for the quote repair price.

This is what it looks like.

Yeah, pretty smoked.

If I can get a remanufactured one or even this one refurbished that would be great. This one is a 64GB 3G, and it still seems to run so the components might be worth refabbing. The 30pin still works, I can get an external display and the apps still run, although the screen is totally busted and the touch sensor is obviously messed up. Do you guys have an address for the Apple Care? I bought this one in San Francisco, so that might be a problem. I may just wait until a trip over and bring it to an Apple Store in the US. At the least if it gets fixed, I can give it to a relative in the future.

Now just trying to decide whether to hold off for some clarity in a few weeks about the next iPad, to just go get another one now, or to try to get this one serviced.

I used to work in a company that did repairs, manufacturing etc. for Apple.

My advice: either don’t get apple unless u like it a lot (for emotional reasons, etc.) and you don’t mind paying the premium. (this is not to say that their stuff isn’t superior in some ways).

Now the caveat, always always have AppleCare. it’s like driving without drivers insurance, you will get buggered.

I have an apple ipad 11 pro and the screen got cracked by accident.

Apple charges 16,000nt to fix a cracked screen. :neutral_face:

Can anyone please recommend any decent third party stores in Taipei/New Taipei that can replace the screen for less.

Have you considered just taking it to a window shop?

My local window shop charged me NT$3000 to replace the glass that my mate broke with a number 8 pool ball. Probably about 10sqft worth of window, so should be a lot cheaper for the 1.2 sqft of an iPad pro.

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An iPad’s screen is not just made of glass. It has Indium coating, oleophobic coating and circuitry to register the touches on the screen. It’s also toughened/tempered glass and the touch capability is capacitive, meaning that electricity runs through your fingers to register the touch rather than resistive where two parts of the screen touch at a point to register the input. It’s not as simple as just replacing the glass for another. The glass also has aluminium inside of it as well.
The glass is also glued to the LCD. If pried off, it will destroy the screen.

How’s your Chinese?
Not being a wiseass, there are shit tons of little back lane joints that do grey market repairs on EVERYTHING, but their websites and everything are strictly in Chinese.
If you have access to a local gearhead/geek, enlist their help.
This one guy in deep bumfuck Gonguan flipped the battery in my 10-year-old iPod for like 350 bones, in 3 minutes, I shit you not.

Apple store here will charge over 15,000 to fix any apple device. I guess they don’t have a service center here and so charges that much to ship it over.

There are grey market stores here that will fix all kinds of issue on Apple devices. I had a battery replacement done on a iphone SE for 600. Worth it especially if your warranty ran out. They do screen replacements as well, obviously for way more than 600 but still cheaper than Apple.

I found one on the 6th floor of that building near the Taipei main station where NOVA used to be.

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