Getting ARC by investing in Taiwan (not by opening a company)

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Hi, shen_shung, thanks for you advice. I will look at the possibility of investing 200k USD in overseas bonds and stocks, but with the 200k USD amount invested in a Taiwanese bank or institution such as Bank of Taiwan. That is what @Bimmerjeff said he did to receive a resident visa. Is it really that simple?

Yes it really is, but it’s not “easy”. Paperwork end to end is demanding and varies depending on your passport. The requirement for a Resident Visa by Investment is to have invested $200k or more into a Taiwanese company, see - after you have that, you can apply for the ARC.

I suggest you engage a CPA familiar with the process. CPAs are better than the immigration firms, they’ll charge a fortune for being the middle man.

Also be warned, it takes a long time to process the investment application, and if they have any questions in the middle, it delays the process by weeks each time.

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Thank you very much!

If I may ask a few questions:
In addition to a CPA do I need a lawyer separately or will a CPA’s work also cover that which a lawyer would deal with?
What sort of fees would you think are reasonable for such work?
Would you refer to CPA are you only referring to the smaller firms or do you also include big four accountancy firms?

Wait bonds and or stocks


A tw company?

Those are two different things arent they?