Getting attacked by dogs

I was on the west coast a few years ago in a very wild “jungle” looking area. As my dad and I rode our bikes down a path, two wild dogs came sprinting after us and my dad tore a stick off of a dead tree and threw is at the dogs. This kept them confined long enough that we were able to ride away and they wouldn’t be able to catch up.

I was attacked by a dog today, in the middle of Taipei (Songshan Airport area). I was just walking on the street when a dog, out of nowhere, jumped right into my leg. It had a chain around its neck but the other end wasn’t attached anywhere.
The dog was super aggressive and I think that it could go very bad if it attacked a child. A friend of mine helped me to call police and they said that the dog had already attacked multiple people before and suggested to seek for compensation from the owner.
Really didn’t expect something like that to happen in the middle of Taipei!


@system always has the best stories

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Yea, if you bike in the river path, there is a LOT of stray dogs. Especially late at night.

Maybe carry some ladyfingers (those firecrackers they use here, 水鴛鴦) and those ought to scare them off.

But most dogs I see here is docile. But if you were at the river path where there is no one, there are packs of dogs and they get aggressive.

Only a matter of time before the city just goes open season on them.

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@tarvi can you provide the neighborhood, and breed?

The police shouldn’t be suggesting compensation, they should be requesting the surrender of that dog to be euthanized


Probably because current law does not allow this, only compensations.

But accidents do happen…

We live in the countryside in Hualien. My wife quit riding her bike cause dogs would chase her. When you have 6 dogs snapping at your heels you simply do not know what will happen if you fall off your bike.
Some dogs have been trained to be mean…to protect their owner’s house/property. Others around us probably just are used to running down prey…one pack that used to come around our house would hunt rabbits…that was a mean looking pack.
In U.S. when I was a kid I got bit in the face by a dog at my grandmother’s house in countryside…50 years later still a small scar. I reached over to touch the dog’s bone. I can admit I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. Later my grandmother said she did not feed the dogs…they hunted for their own food.

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We were in Songshan airport area all day strolling and relaxing. Glad I didn’t see that dog.

It’s a wake up call to be aware anytime anywhere.

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I have neighbors with multiple dogs, like 4 of them in a small 20 ping factory (and the place smells disgusting).

All of them have fleas and is seen constantly scratching themselves. They’re nice dogs once they get to know you but sometimes I feel sorry for them.

So if a stray dog (a dog without an owner present) bites you and you kill it or hurt it defending yourself are you arrested? Or fined?
Hope you don’t get an infection.

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Keep the hospital receipt(s).

I hope you can sue the a-hole who is responsible for this.


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Animal protection can remove the dog and fine the owner. The fines are significant

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It’s funny. Ten years ago I was vilified for even suggesting defending yourself against wild dogs in Taiwan. How times change.

I will try and find the thread.

Chucking firecrackers at them didn’t go down well back then, IIRC.

Here it is. I have a feeling Stray dog didn’t like me much.

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Oh, yes, it was pepper spray back then.

It was close to the Yingfeng Soccer Field (Yingfeng Evacuation Gate) at the riverside park. It was one of these typical all-black mixed blood dogs. The police told that this specific dog was trained by its owner “for a reason”. I guess the dog is owned by one of the car workshop owners in the area.

As I mentioned, it wasn’t the first attack by this dog and the owner is known to the police. The Police offered to go and visit the owner with me tomorrow to start formal proceedings. Knowing that the dog is really dangerous and could seriously injure a child or another dog, I should probably do it.


The law is really clear here so if what the police told you is correct then you need to contact animal protection.

1 bite and the owner is legally bound to muzzle and leash the dog in public.

The fines are big and you can also claim compensation

Or you could just happen to be driving by the dog and how could you know the dog would dart right in front of your car, oh my GOD!!!

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What are you guys talking about? taiwan isn’t this backwards with packs of stray dogs running wild in the river parks and countryside! There are no owners who just let their dog walk free in the city and bite people willy nilly! They would go to jail! Stricter laws than the USA!

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