Getting back to Taiwan

Hello folks. I’d lived several years in Taiwan working as a teacher with an ARC, then did a couple of years doing visa runs until the pandemic hit and I had to leave. Just wondering now what my options are for getting back to Taiwan. I applied for a couple of jobs recently that said they were interviewing candidates from outside Taiwan but when it came to it they weren’t able to offer me a work permit or anything I could use to apply for a visa to actually enter the country. I’m considering applying for a student visa to study Chinese and then applying for teaching jobs once I’m in the country but the extra cost on top of paying for quarantine is not ideal.
If anyone has any suggestions for ways to get into Taiwan I am all ears. Thanks

I think the strict border controls are still in place and they’re not allowing non-residents in. I don’t think they’re issuing student visas, but I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong about that. Honestly, I’d wait a few months until things are more back to normal. Things are a bit better than a couple months ago and we did just drop a level to 2, but everything is still a bit crazy and in flux; right now, schools are scrambling to get their teachers vaccinated and figuring out how they can resume in-class lessons by September.


Thanks both for your responses. Not what I was hoping to hear but good to know. Cheers

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