Getting birth control pills in Taichung

After reading the posts about getting birth control pills in Taiwan, I’m still a bit confused on how I should go about getting some. I’ve been on a specific brand for a while, and I’d like to continue with it if it’s available.

  1. Where should I go to get birth control pills? The hospital? A certain kind of pharmacy? I live in Taichung, so if you know of any place in particular, please let me know.

  2. I don’t speak Mandarin. How do I communicate to the pharmacist what I need?

  3. How much does a month’s worth of pills cost? (I won’t be on Taiwan’s national health plan for another month or so) Can I buy as many months as I want at one time?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Carolyn, welcome.

They are freely available from most pharmacies.

Write down the generic name of the drug you want (google is your drugbuddy) and take it to the pharmacy (They may have American brand names, but not usually European ones). They will look for it in a dictionary, to check, and you can ask to have a look, if you are wary. It may be exactly the same but have the American or Taiwanese, or anywhere’s brand name.

A month’s supply costs about 60-100NT.

Hi Carolyn, welcome to forumosa.

The Chinese for what you want is:

contraceptive medicine (the pill) 口服避孕藥 kǒufú bìyùnyào

And you can - as Buttercup suggested - give them the name of your existing medicine.

Forumosa has (or used to have) a special woman’s forum which I assume has lots of womany-type info about undercarriage and er… female plumbing issues.

Maybe one of the girl posters knows.

Erm, it’s not really. I did a search, and there’s not much more.

But it’s definitely worth joining. PM lupillus and tell her you are a wimmin.