Getting car windows laminated to reduce heat and transparency

Hi folks, I need to get my car windows laminated as at the moment they are fully transparent, it’s too hot here in Taichung and people can look in from outside. I have been quoted 10,000 ntd for the whole car, thinking of going with the mirrored one, about 80% ‘heat reduction’.
Anybody got any advice?

post about how it goes and the legality. I have my sides darkly tinted but the windshield less so.

I’d go with dark instead of mirrored, but that is just an aesthetic choice.

10,000nt sounds a bit high. Dont need mirrored ones . Try to get 3M if available. I used 3M for ten years without any fading or coming off in my car in taiwan.

It worked very well too.

Yep it seems a choice between the cheaper 3M or the more upmarket FSK. 3M has the tinted stuff, FSK has the whole range of tinted up to mirrored. I have two small children so I want to keep the heat out as much as possible while still being able to see at night!

Supposedly some of the mirrored stuff blocks EM signals so GPS and electronic toll system can be affected, but they can guarantee it won’t interfere and give a 3 year guarantee.

I also want to keep UV out as I have fair skin sensitive to sun damage (very Taiwanese I know :wink:).

We bought a second hand car a few months ago. It’s twelve years old. I don’t know when the window laminations were put on (perhaps twelve years ago?), but they’re starting to come off now. They probably won’t last that much longer. Something to think about, depending upon how long you plan to have the car.