Getting contact lenses in taipei?


I’m coming to Taipei in a couple of weeks and am wondering how easily I can get disposable contact lenses… specifically Focus Dailies? I have prescription drugs are readily available and easy to get so just wondering if contacts are the same. Does anyone know if I would need to get my eyes tested over there or can I bring either my prescription or existing contacts and have them matched there. Any help would be great.



Contacts are readily available here without a prescription.
I’m not sure about Focus Dailies specifically, but daily disposables are easy to find.

Johnson and Johnson and Baush and Laumb seem to be the most popular brands here. If you can’t find Focus Dailies, perhaps you can find the equivalent in one of those two brands.

If you have your prescription just ask for the ones you want. If you don’t know, then they’ll test you for free on the spot. Also, you’ll probably not have to walk more than a block to find an optometrists.


Erhu and Bu lai En,

How much do you pay for daily disposables? I pay $550 for 3 pair of the 2-week throwaways (a third of what I paid back home!)

I can’t remember how much the daily lenses are. I just remember that they are pretty cheap. The reason I wear dailies as oppossed to 2-weekers, is that my eyes are very sensitive, and I can’t wear contacts for more than a day or two in a row, so dailies are better. I only wear them when I’m going swimming or dancing.


I currently buy 1 day Acuvue by Johnson and Johnson. They are 650NT/per box of 30 lenses. (roughly $20 US/box)

1 day Softlens by Baush and Laumb are slightly cheaper at 300NT/per box of 15 lenses.

I used to buy Softlens 2 week and they were 600NT per box of 6.

I just bought another month’s supply of contacts tonight and didn’t see any Focus Daily’s, so you will probably have to switch brands. However the ones I just mentioned are high quality, comfortable lenses and very reasonably priced.

u can find all those brands mentioned in ERHU’s post at costco. i used to wear Focus Dailies…then i switched to J&J 1-Day Acuvue’s…much better than Focus imho…larger lenses that don’t ‘slip’ out of place, and better air/vapor permeability…making them so much more comfortable than Focus…

3,110NT for two packs(80 lenses x 2) of J&J at costco…is that a fair price?


Because of my astigmatism, I have to wear toric contact lenses. These are far more expensive than regular ol’ soft contacts, and needless to say, I don’t get disposables (don’t even know if torics are available as disposables).

Does anyone know if the eyewear stores here sell torics? How much I should expect to pay?

I’ve had my current pair (which I think are Bausch & Lomb) for more than a year. I think it’s time for a new pair!

Never heard this term but at my last eye exam, the lady told me I should get the other kind of lenses that run about $3000. Probably what you’re talking about.