Getting double pane windows/new better windows

I love my apartment but the noise from outside can be a little rough.

I am going to suggest getting better windows to my landlord.

I am willing to help pay for the cost.

I’ve thought of new windows BUT another idea is keeping the existing windows and getting a second set of windows (perhaps a second set that are the sliding door style).

There is a little platform that I have some plants on and there is room to also get an additional set of windows installed which are the sliding type.

Window area is 220 CM X 100 CM.

Finding a business to install them should be very easy.

Any idea how much they would cost?


You will see shops with racks that has a bunch of aluminum extrusion. They are your window maker.

Ask them.

I think 2 panes of those drafty window is better than one. Alternatively you can do it yourself, however you gotta be able to restore them to its original configuration when you move out.