Getting Fingered at Wendy's

I don’t think I will be eating at Wendy’s for some time. … index.html

I won’t be keeping a leopard any time soon.

[quote]Wendy’s maintains the finger did not enter the food in its ingredients. It has offered a $50,000 reward in the case and was keeping open a hot line for
, spokesman Denny Lynch said.[/quote]

What? One was not enough??

You’re so picky…it’s just a finger tip… :smiley:

she did it screamed the crowd!

LAS VEGAS (AP) - The Las Vegas woman who claimed she bit into a human finger along with her Wendy’s chili has decided not to sue, her lawyer confirmed Wednesday.

Attorney Jeffrey Janoff said Anna Ayala was dropping her claim because after police investigations, DNA tests, a search of her home and intense publicity, “it’s been very difficult for her emotionally.”

He wouldn’t say whether the decision had anything to do with a report that a woman in Nevada had lost her finger a month earlier in a leopard attack.

San Jose police investigating Ayala’s claim said they were looking into a possible connection with Sandy Allman, a woman who lost part of a digit in a Feb. 23 leopard attack at an exotic animal compound at her home in Pahrump, a rural Nevada town about 60 miles west of Las Vegas.

A lawyer for Allman, 59, said Allman believes the fingertip was hers, but that Allman had “absolutely no connection with Ms. Ayala.”

“She thinks it’s her finger,” lawyer Philip Sheldon, said from his office in Encino, Calif. “She wants to participate in any DNA testing and any final resolution of that matter.”

Sheldon said Allman last saw the 3/4 of an inch tip of her middle finger packed with ice in a plastic bag on an emergency room table at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas early Feb. 24 where he said she sought treatment after the leopard attack.

Allman left it after doctors told her it could not be reattached, Sheldon said.

“She has no idea what happened to the finger after she left the hospital,” Sheldon said.

Hospital spokeswoman Glenda McCartney, who confirmed Wednesday that Allman was treated in the Sunrise emergency room Feb. 23 and released early Feb. 24, said the hospital has not been able to account for the finger at its pathology lab, where it should have been taken.

Sheldon said Allman realized the piece of finger that San Jose police said Ayala found in her chili was twice as long as the one Allman lost. Allman would welcome a reward if the finger is hers, the lawyer said.

San Jose police spokeswoman Gina Tepoorten said police were in contact with Allman, and added that authorities were receiving many tips from around the country about lost digits, spurred by a $50,000 reward offered by Wendy’s.

Tepoorten said one woman reported she lost a finger while breaking up a dog fight, “and apparently the hospital lost her finger.”

Ayala was visiting relatives in San Jose on Wednesday and could not be reached for comment. Her son, Guadalupe Reyes, 18, told The Associated Press that Ayala doesn’t know Allman.

“Mom doesn’t even know how to get to Pahrump,” Reyes said.

He said his mother was distressed by all the attention.

“The way I see it, it’s like a big show,” Reyes said. “Everyone’s saying this and that. It’s ridiculous. People are just trying to get the $50,000.”

Tepoorten said Ayala was not considered “a suspect.”

“She’s not our main focus in the investigation,” Tepoorten said, without elaborating.

Ayala, 39, was at a Wendy’s restaurant in San Jose on March 22 when she claimed she scooped up the 1 1/2-inch-long fingertip. She later filed a claim with the franchise owner, Fresno-based JEM Management, Corp., which her attorney had said was the first step before filing a lawsuit.

Court records show Ayala has a history of making claims against corporations, including a former employer, General Motors and a fast-food restaurant.

She said Friday in an interview with The AP that she filed a claim against an El Pollo Loco restaurant in Las Vegas after her daughter became ill after eating there, but called it “something very different” from the Wendy’s case.

El Pollo Loco spokeswoman Julie Weeks said Wednesday from Irvine, Calif., that the company made no payment to Ayala after her February 2004 claim on behalf of her daughter, Genesis.

“We reviewed the claim and made the decision not to make payment on that claim,” Weeks said.

Ayala said last week after police searched her home and seized items that she was being victimized.

“Lies, lies, lies, that’s all I am hearing,” Ayala said. “They should look at Wendy’s. What are they hiding?”

Clark County District Attorney David Roger said documents relating to the search warrant were sealed.

Wendy’s spokesman Denny Lynch declined to comment on Ayala’s decision to drop the lawsuit but said a reward hotline to receive tips will remain open. Wendy’s has offered $50,000 to the first person providing verifiable information leading to the positive identification of the origin of the finger.

“It’s very important to us to find out what really happened at the restaurant,” Lynch said. "We are manning the hotlines, and we are more anxious than you are to find out what really happened.

“We’re not going to engage in any speculation as to where it came from,” Lynch added.

The director of an exotic animal sanctuary in Texas called the Wendy’s hotline Tuesday to suggest that the finger might have come from Allman.

“What are the odds?” asked Carol Asvestas, who runs the Wild Animal Orphanage in San Antonio and had gone to Pahrump to rescue several exotic animals at Allman’s request.

San Jose police said it would take DNA tests to determine whether the fingers are one and the same.

Wendy’s maintains the finger did not enter the food chain in its ingredients. All the employees at the San Jose store were found to have all their fingers, and no suppliers of Wendy’s ingredients have reported any hand or finger injuries, the company said. Officials also still had not confirmed whether the finger was cooked, as initial news reports indicated.

The Santa Clara County Coroner’s Office was using a partial fingerprint to attempt to find a match in an electronic database but came up empty. DNA testing is being conducted.

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I wonder what possibly could have persuaded her to drop the suit…


Oh well. Everyone has to pay the bills I guess. If this is indeed her 7th law suit in the last 10 years then perhaps local restaurant owners can rest easy for the next 18 months or so. Although, it sounds like she doesn’t always target restaurants – it just happens that restaurants are what her two most recent two attempts involved…

Definitely a good plan to take the money under the table too. The story can go away quickly, and she doesn’t even need to give 1/3 of it to her lawyer. :sunglasses:

Attacked by a leopard and only lost a finger tip. Hard to believe.

Oh, wait! That’s not the focus of the story. :blush:

BTW the title of this thread has a VERY different meaning where I come from. Or was that the intent you sly …er … thing you, Chewy.

I was nearly didn’t open it, until I thought about the cosmopolitinianity of forumosa.

I worked at Wendy’s back in high school. Even when it’s fingerless, you should avoid the chili. I spent many a Saturday morning boiling up several weeks old, overcooked hamburger patties to add to the chili. :sick:

I, for one, am quite confident that the prurient interpretation would not have crossed Mr. Corns’s mind for even an instant.


According to the Urban Legends site, the Leopard severed finger would have been much shorter than the in the Wendy’s chili finger.

That is one exciting chain. Actually the perv below has been victimizing many restaurants, including customers. It was in the WSJ too, check Google. … etail.html

Prank Call Leads To Strip Searches
Wendy’s Supervisors Ordered Searches Of Employees

POSTED: 1:46 pm EST February 25, 2004
UPDATED: 7:23 pm EST February 25, 2004

BOSTON – Investigators say someone posing as the police called several local fast food restaurants telling managers they must strip search their employees – and they did.

NewsCenter 5’s Jim Boyd reported that four Wendy’s fast food restaurant supervisors were told Saturday that their employees were stealing from customers, and to conduct immediate strip searches.

“The person on the other end identified themselves as a detective from Whitman and said one of the employees was a wanted suspect and asked them to do a strip search,” said Whitman Deputy Police Chief Raymond Nelson. “Evidently, they were strip searched.”

The incidents happened in Whitman and West Bridgewater.

Police in West Bridgewater declined to be interviewed for this report, but said a similar case in their town has two victims – the person coerced into making the illegal search and the person who was searched.

Wendy’s released a statement Wednesday that said “the chain (has) fallen victim to vicious scam,” and, “we are certainly embarrassed and saddened over all that has happened… Our deepest apologies go out to our employees who were drawn into this scam. They thought they were responding to the direct orders from the police.”

Police say they would never act in such a way.

“We would always go in person or have the person come to the police station,” said Nelson.

Wendy’s customers say they cannot believe what happened.

“The employees have certain rights and management has certain privileges, but just on hearsay, I wouldn’t have done that,” said one customer.

“If my son or my daughter were working here part-time, I would just be totally flabbergasted if they came home and told me that this had happened to them,” said another customer.

Boyd said similar incidents have been reported in Ohio, New York and Florida dating back to 2000.

The supervisors have been suspended with pay pending an investigation.

Missing fingers and strip searches? :idunno:

I don’t even want to go there. :blush:

Here is a pic of the actual finger part that was found at Wendy’s.

[quote=“Chewycorns”]Here is a pic of the actual finger part that was found at Wendy’s.

I want extra crackers with that.

Chewycorns wrote above top post: “I don’t think I will be eating at Wendy’s for some time.” … index.html

But…“Cops Nab Woman, Say Wendy’s Finger a Hoax” I read in the newspaper today. We all knew that, didn’t we?

The sad thing, or weird thing, is that from the very beginning of this story, the news media and the Internet and the blogosphere made it sound like the woman really did find a finger in her chili, when it really did smell like a hoax from day one. Yet the damage to Wendy’s image has been done.

The headlines already went out around the world. Everyone now believes Wendy’s a dangerous place. Business is down worldwide. All because of a sick lady. Those early headline cannot be undone.

I wonder if the headline writers should have used more discretion by writing a headline like:

"Woman says she maybe might have could be mebbe found what appeared to seem like what might have been had she not had a history of mental illness and scamming other resturants in the past a finger but she’s lying and will be arrested as soon as her scam is de-scammed. "

Mugshot and details, courtesy of The Smoking Gun. … nger1.html

Innocent until proven guilty and all that jazz, but she definitely appears to be guilty and the whole scam seems to be backfiring big time. I suspect she did it and I suspect she didn’t consider the serious consequences at all, just thinking about a way to scam some money. But, business is apparently down between 20 and 50 percent at many Wendys as a result of the incident, causing many millions of $ in damages. If the FBI and other investigators find the evidence to nail her in criminal proceedings, maybe she can expect a massive civil suit to follow, though of course she lacks the money to pay such damages.

I just hope when she gets put in the slammer, like she bloody deserves, they don’t put her on canteen duty.

I like that the finger’s condition is “inconsistent” with one that has been cooked at 170-degrees for three hours.

Two questions:

1) what kind of idiot dumps an uncooked finger into chili? 

2) what kind of idiot knows what a properly cooked chili finger looks like?