Getting from Lotus Hill to Jiantan MRT


Right now I live about five minutes away from the Jiantan MRT but am thinking about moving my family and me to Lotus Hill. I’ve read on here that Lotus Hill isn’t very convenient. I don’t have a car or scooter, so would taking a bus to Jiantan be my best bet or is Lotus Hill close enough to an MRT station? Also, how far away is Lotus Hill from Jiantan time-wise?



Simple answer: Take the MRT to Nangang station, then hail a cab to ‘Shuilian Shanzhuang’ which of course is ‘Lotus Hill’. The cab ride should be about 10 minutes and around 200NT … but I’m kind of guessing on that because I usually drive to the MRT station. If you are commuting regularly there may be cheaper or faster routes.

To hail the cab from Nangang station, best to exit at Exit #3 and then cross the road. Then the cab you hail will already be going in the right direction … if memory serves. :ponder:

I’d imagine that it will be a lot easier to get to Shilin in a few months (June, I think) when the MRT to Donghu is finished. That’s less than half the distance to Nangang MRT, and it will take you right to the Dazhi/Shilin border, where there must surely be some good bus connections.

Thanks, guys. :bow:

I did that commute (Lotus Hill to Ming Chuan Uni) for four years. There are several options, and they all take about an hour. More in rush hours.

  1. community bus to Donghu, R2 or 287 to Grand Hotel (American Club Taipei really), 10 min walk or $70 cab or very infrequent bus (R3, 646, 902, one other i forget). Or continue to Yuanshan MRT and get the MRT one stop. On the way back do get the MRT, else no seats on R2. Also rare 646 direct Donghu to Jiantan.

  2. make friends with someone in LongShanLin, the community opposite, or try and sneak in. 5 min walk to R2/287/646 as above.

  3. community bus to city hall, then mrt via taipei.

  4. community bus to songshan, train to taipei, then mrt. often quicker than 3 in rush hours

new mrt won’t help much: via zhongxiao fuxing and taipei is a really long way round, and getting off at dazhi would leave you with only the rare buses mentioned in 1.

hope this helps, pm for more info