Getting goods from Japan to Taiwan?

Hello what is the best Japanese online store when living in Taiwan?
and the customs policy of goods in Taiwan from Japan if there’s any

What are you trying to buy? Usually just postal service unless its wholesale/expensive then use a broker/agent to help you clear things. There are many laws and taxes involved.

just want to buy bath soap, shampoo, and ramen made in Japan

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Ahh gotcha. There are lots of all of those imported here already.

If you want to buy direct just use post office.

great which shops sell Japanese products?
like in 7-Eleven and Carrefour?

Sogo, Mitsukoshi department stores, Japanese drugstores (Tomod’s)


Online there are two options. One is websites like Buyee or others that sell directly and ship to Taiwan. The shipping charges, for some reason, are painful.

Then there is a bunch of places on FB that take your order and deliver. I guess they bring in a mass order and split it because they are not such a pain in the neck.

I use the old fashioned “I know a lady who brings stuff from Japan and sells it in a stall at the market”.

Or sometimes you get lucky and anywhere from Donki to a neighborhood store will have what you need. The neighborhood stores selling Japan stuff are very popular.

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Take into consideration people might need to drive to a post office wait in line for extended periods and all for free. I have waited 3 plus hours before waiting and filling out paperwork to export something the post office didnt know how to handle. Its pretty common unfortunately. I think its fair they charge a fee for these costs now. Even in taiwan many places wont ship postal domestically because the time it takes to go there and wait, they use courier contracts instead. Unfortunately this often eventually evolves to monopolies like amazon in 10 years.

Sounds like an opportunity for Fedex Ground!

Watch amazon gobble up fedex, dhl and all the others over time :wink:

wow 3 hours :expressionless:

Its brutal sometimes. Especially in cities around hollidays. Hence many places prefer couriers because the come totheir door and pick up.


We know its over when we have free next day moon shipping. Probably with a chinese flag on on the tip of his dick rockets to boot.

any other websites?

I just use local Yahoo if the market lady does not have the stuff. It is amazing what they bring over.