Getting Household Registration

Getting closer to my move to Taiwan, need some help if anyone has answers.

I was born in Taiwan, but am just a US citizen now.
Trying to find out more how to get my household registration 戶口.

Plan is to go this month to Taipei Economic and Cultural Office and apply for a Taiwan passport.

What are the steps to get an actual citizenship with household registration?
How long does usually take?

Can I start working if I arrive in Taiwan before getting a household registration?

for clarification, your parents did never register your birth to taiwanese government, right?

And, I assume you already know how to get a taiwanese passport at TECO, so you just need info on steps after that.

Notices for the Application of National Living Abroad without Registered Household in Taiwan Area for Residence in Taiwan Area

0305 Notices for the Application of National without Registered Permanent Household in Taiwan Area for Residence after Continuous residence or residence for certain period of time

If your mother is a Taiwanese and your father is a foreigner, and you were born in a certain year, there may be special rules that you may get your household registration directly.

under certain circumstances, you can.
Some of the conditions are your parents have active household registration, you renounce your US citizenship, or you get a work permit through a company.

Thank you, very useful info.

Since my mom has a current registration, seems like I should be able to get one pretty easily.

ALso, looks like I can apply for it here in the US first.