Getting income tax after leaving Taiwan, and ARC+Debit Card stolen

Greetings all!

I’m in a bit of a dilemma. Last year I left Taiwan to teach in South Korea. I couldn’t process my tax refund at the time because of timing issues. But I accepted I could get the tax refund later in August by just using the debit card outside Taiwan. However, this also means my ARC was canceled.

A week after I arrived in Korea, my wallet was stolen thus losing both the ARC and debit card. I called the bank and gave them the details. They notified me that my bank account did receive the money, but since I don’t have a debit card I can’t withdraw from abroad. They said I would need to return to Taiwan, get a new ARC, and then I would be able to withdraw the money.

I am planning to return to Taiwan for traveling, and was planning on using the money to fund it. However, if i can recall correctly, I need to find a job to get a new ARC.

Is there some work around for this? I really don’t want to find a new job just to receive my money. I have my passport, the bankbook, the receipt for filing my taxes last year, and a copy of my old ARC.

EDIT1: It is Taiwan Citibank.

You don’t need a new ARC to access that money if you can turn up to the branch in person. That money is legally yours. Which bank are we dealing with here?

Hopefully that is the case. Right now I am dealing with Citibank.

Ironic that an American bank would refuse you access to your own funds. Get ready to do a Cuba Gooding Jr type show when you walk in there.

Took me a while to get the reference…

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