Getting logged out

It seems like for each time I post, I get logged out. It’s rather annoying because then all the new posts are lost and it resets for when I log back in to post again. What’s going on?

Did you change / update anything related to your browser?

The thing that really sucks about logging out is that new posts are started from when you log in again. I’ve not had a problem like Imani’s recently. But…

If I check my mail and see some interesting post, I click the link. If I don’t open the forumosa new post search page first, then my new posts will be lost. Now I am very careful to always open the forumosa New Search page before checking my email. I just keep that page open in the background thoughout the day, and from time to time I hit refresh. I used to be able to get around this, but the “Browse 24/7” link doesn’t work either. What I’d prefer is a link that said “Browse the last 100 posts”. :laughing:

Did you change / update anything related to your browser?[/quote]

I’m using multiple computers so that doesn’t explain much. It happens on all the connections I use.

Have you changed your underpants ?

Since the server move I keep getting logged out despite keeping at least one logged-in Forumosa window open.

If you’re using Hinet look here (I had the same problem):
[ … 592#239592](Invalid_sessions

Also try setting up a proxy server (not Hinets, a public one from somewhere else) and see if you have problem then. After I updated my settings I haven’t had any problems.