Getting married and JFRV?

Hey Guys!

So the time has come…it’s time to get married:) The more I read, the more I’m getting confused about all the rules, visas etc. Looks like rules are changing from time to time, so I prefer to ask. Anyone got recently married to a Taiwanese citizen? Do I still need to be here on Visitor Visa to do it so I can later change it for marriage based ARC and JFRV?

At the moment I’m here on 90days entry stamp, i guess I will have to go for a visa run to HK before starting legalizing my relationship? Or I don’t?

I know the topic was discussed hundret times but after hours of reading it’s still not 100% clear! Thanks Forumosans!

Ok so still no replies.

Let me ask this way:

Should I leave Taiwan, come back on visitor visa and get married, then go on with all the procedures of getting ARC an JFRV?


Should I get married, leave Taiwan and come back on visitor visa and get all the other stuff later? (would it be easier to apply for visitor visa being already married? do they make it difficult for You to get this visa?)

Thanks Guys!

Call 0800-024-111 and ask. It’s the immigration dept’s foreigner info line. They’ll have the latest.