Getting married in Hong Kong

Has anyone been through the process of getting married in Hong Kong. Specifically two foreigners.

I and my boyfriend (both british citizens ) want to go to Hong Kong to get married this august. I have a PARC and i know he can “tag along” on my PARC once we are married. Does anyone know how to go about this.

Do i apply for his ARC in hong kong or do it in Taiwan.

Any help would be apprieciated. Starting to stress a little.

Has to be done here. Probably not difficult, as long as he knows working legally isn’t an option.
The big question is, you have a large BMW motorbike. What the hell do you need a husband for? The mind truly boggles.

Getting married in Hk is your usual bullshit bureacratic nightmare - imposed by the poms and interpreted by the Cantos!

You have to register your wedding plans in advance at some government office. obviously, should your day happen to fall on one considered auspicious, you’ll have to book three generations in advance.

Here is the usual officious twaddle from the HK guvment website:

Public Services - Marriage registration

Notice of marriage
A marriage can take place at a marriage registry by a registrar; or in a licensed place of public worship by a competent minister or at any other place in Hong Kong by a civil celebrant of marriages. A written notice of marriage on the prescribed form must be given in advance either directly at a marriage registry or through a civil celebrant of marriages in Hong Kong.

There are no residential requirements on the marrying parties.

The minimum legal age for getting married is 16 years of age (Gregorian reckoning). [/quote]

Mind you I do think the “Gregorian reckoning” is a very nice touch. Be sure to ask them if Gregoria reckons you’re sixteen and above!


Yes for many years my motorbike was enough and don’t worry the BM is staying. But i think it’s about time this girl settled down Been causing riots for too long now.

I’ve sent the letter to the hong kong office requesting a marriage form,but haven’t got anything back yet.

He knows he can’t work, he’ll apply for a work permit with a job later.

I got married in Hong Kong in 1996 (before the hand over). We needed to make a reservation in advanced (approx one week). The process was actually very quick.


We’re planning to celebrate our wedding in Hongkong. Does anyone here experience wedding in hongkong. I just want to know if they require to go personally before the wedding day or is it ok to go there on your wedding day only? Hoping to hear from you soon.



if u guys need a witness, i can volunteer.