Getting Married In Taiwan (not HK) WITHOUT leaving the country (Letter of No Trace)

You don’t need the UK marriage registration document if you were married in Taiwan. The UK does not register foreign marriages. The only document you need is the Taiwan marriage certificate, if you have that, you are married in the eyes of both the UK and Taiwan. When applying for marriage visa and then ARC they will accept that, since the UK doesn’t offer any kind of registration for foreign marriages. If they don’t accept it, keep pushing. Hundreds of British people who got married in Taiwan hold a marriage ARC, including me, so it’s possible.

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Hang on, you needed both your parent’s birth certificates to get married in Taiwan?!

I’m currently back in the UK for a month to get my certificate of no impediment, but my registry office is telling me only UK residents can get it. However, I’ve been told otherwise by both the .GOV website and Taipei British Council. Does anyone know how I can get the certificate in the UK?

Hey chaps,

So, one year later, I’m finally getting ready to go back to the UK and pick up this bloody Certificate of No Impediment in order to get married.

My question is…does the Certificate of No Impediment have a ‘use-by’ date? i.e. must it be used within 3 or 6 months? I couldn’t see anything about this in the Taiwanese documentation. I really hate the thought of going back on a holiday, getting said document, going through the translation + notarization process only to be told “no, this is out of date, do it again.”

Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance!

I’m not from the UK. But I will also get married soon and when I asked my country’s TECO about the document for proving I’m single they said it lasts 90 days (it starts counting from when the document was issued).

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Man, that gives very little time to get everything authenticated, translated, notarized, sent off, and processed. One delay could result in having to make yet another round-the-world trip!

I’ll try and get the Certificate of No Impediment at the very end of my stay in the UK.

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Yes! I wish the countdown started since the authentication. I hope everything goes well with your document!