Getting married in taiwan

I know there are plenty of posts but I wasn’t able to find anything quite matching my situation.

I am a Taiwanese expat living in the US. I have an expired ROC passport and a valid US passport. G/f holds an ROC passport and is in the US on a student visa.

We are thinking about getting married. We want to stay in the US for the short-term (maybe 4-5 years), and then move back to Taiwan. Definitely want to have a ceremony in Taiwan - church and fandian dinner. We thought about having a quickie civil marriage in the States first.

Thus, I would like to know what is best to do to have the marriage legally recognized both in the US and Taiwan.



Usually, the easiest is to get the marriage registered in the US.

The reason is tha tthe ROC authorities don’t recognice an ROc marraige license on its own, if one of the parties is a non-ROC citizen.