Getting married to a Taiwanese Woman


Many brides families provide a house for the daughter in Taiwan.

There are a vast amount of traditions on Taiwan, plus different religions and beliefs, plus different cultures so you can’t say everyone does the same or even close to the same.

I’ve attended wedding banquets on a Sunday afternoon with 300 people including kids and grandmothers with strippers. And I’ve been to wedding banquets that are extremely Christian culture

Just like any country, you can’t generalize, you need to know the exact tradition and culture and religion of that family.


Of course you can generalize!
For instance weddings in Taiwan almost always include hong baos and a two hour meal.
If there’s a country you can generalize about its Taiwan because it is almost completely Han culture here.

Vast array of cultures , religions and beliefs? Eh no.
Does everybody do exactly the same thing?
Are most weddings here boring familiar and following the same routine. Absolutely.


Haha, you guys are absolutely right. We should have the wedding back in America but I think we are too far along to change the country now. Its true that her family is demanding a lot from her but my GF is standing her ground a lot of the time and I kind of sit back. She really is a wonderful woman and I am glad I have her by my side. I would love to find that small little chapel in Yilan. Maybe I can google it. :smile:


Look here, I think Maoman married ina nice little chapel in Yangmingshan.

I think the only problem might be that the churches may need to know you, make you take a pre marriage course. So you need to contact them earlier.

And as said, you may be marrying during “high season”.


Like I said, a long loooooooooooong road ahead :grin:

OP make sure you keep your shoes safely locked up :wink:


Don’t do it.


I’m surprised, Taiwan being Taiwan, that there isn’t a nice, quiet “gold jewelry for weddings” rental racket going on.


Got married in church in Taipei. Netted a small profit on wedding banquet. FIL gave wife one million NTD wedding gift. Painless.


That could lead to a nice “fake wedding” racket :slight_smile: If you’re up for a short term use, gold is money in the bank anyway.


i’ve tried to suggest getting married in another country and using the fact that i only have a small family as an excuse not invite a zillion taiwanese family members and friends. any chance of this ever working? i really don’t fancy a taiwanese wedding, i hate weddings as it is and also hate all the nosey family crap that goes on here.


her getting married in Taiwan is “pay back time” for her family. After having given oh so much to oh so many people through the years, it is time to rake some IN>

Grin and bear it.
You won’t see any of that money but her Majesty (yes she will be your King err… Queen…err King/Queen…aka DA BOSS) will.


what if we are happy with our own money? is that a good way to skip it out? this isn’t on the horizon for a while, i’m just starting to think about it now as i am really not interested in the typical taiwan wedding thats basically all for (her, not mine) the family. the amount of money spent on these things is ridiculous too, not really interested in doing that.


Its not about you. Its just one day. Get it done, get it over with and move on with the fun stuff.


don’t really agree with that. although its more about the girl i agree with that part, i don’t see any benefits in yielding to the demands of the taiwanese family side.