Getting my housing deposit back

Hi Guys. I plan on leaving the country soon and intend on staying in my apartment until the day I leave. My deposit is 15,000NTD and I would like to get this back. Just wondering how I would go about getting it back when I’m guessing they would never give it back to you before I leave? Is there any way to do this by myself or would I have to get a friend to help out and possibly get the check made out to my friend? I would rather do this myself if possible.

Meet the landlord the morning of departure for a walk-through. However, even in these circumstances, most landlords want to keep money against still-unpaid bills (power, water, etc.) The most practical way to do it is probably to negotiate beforehand with your landlord and agree on a sum of money to be taken out of your deposit to cover those bills (just don’t worry about a small overage in your landlord’s favor) and then have the remainder returned to you in cash at the walk-through showing that the place is clean and your stuff is packed to leave.