Getting my MD repaired

My Sony MD started acting really strange the other day. When ever i put an MD in it, it erases it and tells me the disc is blank. Obviously there is a problem. I bought it (Sony Net MD MZ-N1) in England last year and I haven’t the first idea where to take it in Taichung to get repaired.

Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?
I do see stores that sell Sony gear but I’m a little leary letting a place like that organize the repairs.


my sony md did the exact same thing. I took it to one of the sony service centres (found via the sony website) and they wanted 5000 NT to fix it. After weighing up the options (pay them 5000, or buy a new one for 5000) I declined their rip off. Then the woman at the counter said she would buy my model(never available in taiwan) for 500. I laughed and walked out. I figured I’d keep it as a player at least.

Then a friend told me he knew someone (a local) in taoyuen(sp?) and I had it fully repaired for 2000 NT. Non of that 30 qwid just to look at it and tell you it needs fixing nonsense. got it back within a week, via my friend.

If you still have the MD maybe try and find someone local who will fix it. But maybe you’ve already bought a new one as I am replying 10 months after you posted this…

Thanks. Yeah, it’s a total rip off. A friend fixed his md and it cost 6000 but he only paid 8000 for it originally. I didn’t get mine fixed because I thought for 5 -6000 I could get myself a good MP3 player. Stupid. And I only had the MD for a couple months before it went tits up.

I’ve noticed a real decline in product quality from Sony. It’s all cheap Chinese crap now. 15 years ago I had a “Sports” walkman. The one that was water resistant. That thing went to war with me every day and didn’t die for many years. But ever since I’ve had a couple sony discmans and then the md and they have just been crap!


For recording stereo audio what choices are there other than Tape or MD? I would love to be able to do some field recording without taking a laptop but I have found MD players to be a tad expensive. Cassette tape just wouldn’t sound good enough.

Any ideas?

I’m actually shocked people still buy them, I’d figure they died out years ago. I remember when they first came out they were saying on how they would replace cd’s(ha ha) then after a month or 2 it just went away.