Getting Nikon Taiwan to repair a "水貨" camera?

Well, this is aggravating. The other day the battery door on my (now ancient) D300 SLR decided to separate itself from the body. I managed to wedge it back into place so I can still use it, but obviously this will be a problem anytime I need to switch batteries. Here’s the issue: I bought this camera from the US, so Nikon’s Taiwan dealer (國祥貿易) wants nothing to do with it and says they will charge NT$10,000 on top of repair costs. Yes, you read that right.

From the website:

消費相機系列 NT$3,000
Nikon1系列 NT$5,000
單眼相機系列 NT$10,000
掃描器 NT$5,000[/quote]

This happened to me before with an even more ancient Fujifilm S3. It would have cost more to fix in Taiwan than what I paid for it used, so I decided to just get my current D300 instead. What options are left? Is there a third-party repair service that can solve this, or should I just put that NT$10k down toward a new camera body?

Last year I got a US bought Nikon 18-200 lens repaired at their Taipei service centre. It needed a new SWM motor, the total cost for the repair was ~3000nt. Quite reasonable, I thought.

Give the service centre a call directly, don’t bother talking to the dealer.

Edit: Just realised that the Chinese name of the place that wanted 10k from you is the same place that fixed my lens. I guess I just got lucky.

Not surprising that lenses are cheaper than bodies. They want 10,000 just to look at thing, and being from 2006 its warranty is long over so it’ll cost on top of that. :-/

Is the body damaged, or just the battery door?
If it’s just the door… … %BB%5C&t=0

It’s the door, but it broke off with half of it still in the connecty-spinny-slot thing. I have no idea what that’s called. I don’t know if I can get it out on my own, but I’ll certainly try buying a new door first. Thanks!