Getting Older and Changing Musical Tastes

It’s weird when I was a teenager I listened to rap music (Public Enemy, Dream Warriors). As I finished High School I was into Guns n’ Roses, Led Zeppelin and Kiss. College I was into a lot of Canadian Indie Rock (thrush hermit, Sloan, Superfriendz). When I got to Taiwan I listened to Weezer and bands like that.

Now I find I’m into heavy metal/grunge in a big way. I bought some Iron Maiden cd’s. My musical tastes have changed since I was in my teens. Usually you mellow out as you get older but not me. Weird.

I go through music swings much quicker…some of the ones I’ve gone through in the last 5 or so years include opera arias, grunge, broadway, klezmer, classic rock, hip-hop, big band, electric blues, be-bop, and bossa nova. I am currently going through a light jazz (especially les chanteuses francaises) stage. It certainly makes for a diverse CD collection.

A little Iron Maiden in the morning gets me ready for a day of work. Scares the shite out of my gf, hell she thinks Weezer is heavy.