Getting On-line

Well I am trying to get online in Taipei county - I dont really fancy dial-up and my building is yet to get ADSL mains connected (that’s what I’m told), I have cable TV but no cbale modem service is available either so I tried WLAN card and there aint any AP’s ofcourse nearby - anyone got any ideas? Thanks.

phone up either seednet or hinet. seednet seems to have better service.

You should be able to get adsl. Just phone the source. seednet is at 02- 4050-9000.
service is awesome there especially with a dedicated service line.

Until you get your ADSL hooked up, you can get free internet access at PCHome (

They might have been talking about HiBuilding, where the whole building gets ADSL which is shared among the residents. It turns out cheaper, but often with restrictions.
You’ll want to get your own idividual ADSL as sticks of fury suggested

I find it hard to believe there is anywhere in Taipei County that is too isolated for ADSL, where abouts in Taipei County are you ?

yeah, and I think TaipeiTimes is offering free dial up on their website too.


PLC (power line communication) is coming soon to Taiwan market,
so no more ADSL or CableModem, just plug your PC to your home
power grid and you’re done!

In the meantime, go to your nearest Cybercafe to surf thet Net :smiley:


hte, my sister lives in Xin Zhuang and she was told their building is located in the area few people used ADSL and some kilometers left to get connected to the ADSL line.(That is what I remember) That was kinda amazing and funny! She could only use dial-up modem that moment. A few days later, one hinet service member informed her they were wrong and it was no problem of getting the ADSL, besides, they refunded her money for that modem installation.

So I suppose you should phone up at least twice to double check if you like to use hinet ADSL :? I do not know whether seednet has better service. Eastern Broadband Telecom is great? anyone knows that?