Getting on TV

I have been reading with interest the thread on "Foreigners on TV’, but here is a new twist…

The other night I was in 228 park watching them film the new ‘Crystal Boys’ series. While there producer came up to me and asked if I was interested to appear on TV. We exchanged cards.

So when they call, should I go along and be humiliated too?

All advice appreciated. Did anyone do it already?

Crystal Boys is a book detailing the activities of homosexuals. New Park, nka 228 Park, is and has always been a hangout for those who bat for the other team. If you are interested in such work, go for it. There may even be a casting couch for you. The pay is low but the perks may be worth it. Don’t drop the soap, though.

Will there be kissing and sex scenes involved, ala Queer as Folk?

I was offered a ‘cross-over’ role like that once in the adult film classic ‘Busta Cherry.’ I was told that if I just closed my eyes and acted like it was just another piece of meat it would be alright but I just couldn’t do it. It was totally disgusting.

My advice, Malkie: don’t do it. You’ll never be able to live with yourself.

Of course, I could be totally wrong in your case. Take Rudy Guiliani, for example. Most people outside the adult film industry don’t know he has a thriving underground career as a leather bib wearing, cross-dressing dominatrix called ‘Rude Trudy’ without any apparent wear and tear on his day job as a suit-wearing macho man.