Getting original Health Check back

Hi guys! Another legal question for you. I originally signed a contract with a buxiban here, but I’m still on my probation period. I’d like to cut my hours with them, as there have been some issues etc. And we discussed this together… the school has been really helpful and honest with me. BUT the problem is: I’ve found another school that wants to work with me and support my ARC since I plan to work with them full time.

I’d like them to be my primary ARC supporters.

The problem is: my original school has told me they can’t give me back my original health check as they have sent it to the ministry already. If I want to have the other school to support me primarily I need the original back.

I don’t really think it’s reasonable to ask the first school to support me, since they’re already being good enough to let me drop my hours… but I also don’t really have the time or money to do and other health check + visa run.

Any suggestions??

will you work for the original school? If so, they anyway need to get your work permit. You health check certificate is for your work permit, not for your ARC. With the primary work permit, your second employer can get your work permit without a health check certificate.

You should work for your primary school for more than 14 hr/week, and for the second school for more than 6 hr/week, though the total should not be more than 32 he/week.

You may find some ing on this site.

So, the original school I am still working for, but not 14 h a week. That’s why I want to change the secondary school to my primary supporter… but I’m wondering how I can get get a work permit if I don’t have the original health check

so, it will not be got back to you.

your work permit is supposed to have been issued already.

you may ask to a labor department.

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I don’t think you can get a work permit for this job if it is less than 14h a week. So you won’t be able to work for them at all.

In principle, it’s easy to get a health check for the new work permit. There is a list of hospitals you can go to and it shouldn’t cost you more than NT$2,000 IIRC.

Note that you need a work permit for every job.

Couldn’t OP still work for the first school, if the new ARC sponsor agrees? (assuming she maintains enough hrs at new school)

I don’t get why the health check is the big blocker, except for the 9-10 day lag. Does the need for visa run mean the first school only applied for the work permit and not the ARC?

it sounds so.

My understanding is the original school applied OP’s work permit with more than 14hr contract to support OP’s ARC, but now they agreed to change the hours to less than 14. OP now is wanting to make a contract with another school for more than 14hr and to get an ARC by it, but doesn’t have enough time and money to sort out things.

My suggestion is just get your ARC using the work permit supposed to be already issued for the original school anyway, then do all the necessary paperwork to change your primary school later.

If you need your health check certificate anyway, where did you get it? The hospital might reissue the document by some cheaper coat than to take it again.

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Thanks for the advice! That’s my best option right now. You’re absolutely right. I have work permits but no visa or arc.

I’m trying to avoid extra costs because I’m not made of money… I think the best course of action is to just call the hospital and tell them I lost my health check… se if they can get me another copy.