Getting Parents Over to Taiwan

An easy solution would be just not to allow people on the Visa to get public insurance ( no NHI), they would have to get private insurance … Problem solved.

I just hope it happens at some point in the next five years - that is when I would need to make a decision. Mind you, my mom will be near 75 at that point, and may not be interested in any sort of move. I guess we’ll see.

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@Whatevah If you can qualify as a “Foreign Special Professional”, then I believe your parents could obtain a visa that would allow them to stay here for up to a year at a time.


Where a foreign special professional is hired to engage in professional work, and has been approved for residence or permanent residence by the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior, a lineal ascendant of said person may apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or one of its overseas missions for the issuance of a visitor visa, valid for one year, for multiple entry, for a stay of up to six months, without annotation by the visa-issuing authority of a restriction disallowing extension or other limitation. In case of need to continue the stay, then prior to the expiration of the time limit on the stay, said person may apply for an extension to the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior, without having to leave the State.
The total length of such stay is limited to a maximum of one year at a time, and is not subject to the six-month limitation of stay prescribed in Article 3 Subparagraph 7 of the Immigration Act.

Does that mean that if we have an APRC then our parents can stay with us? Because some of us had asked before, and nope. Not even with ROC nationality. Up to a few years back, there was no way to bring a foreign parent.

Nope. It is just for parents of foreign special professionals. I dont know what after their naturalization.

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So, are foreign special professionals the ones with Plum cards or what? You see my problem? These laws are shady as hell. If they say a foreig professional with an APRC, wouldn’t that be like me? Or do I need a special recognition? Is this a different category of APRC? Bt then it says not all foreign professionals have APRC. Confusing.

Interesting topic and quite complicated though.
I been here for quite sometime and Taiwan Citizen yes my boss did bring up this topic few months ago. It is complicated because my father drop his Chinese citizenship for long time for property reason back home. Anyway they prefer to stay at their beach house.

But I believe if parents are also Chinese it is easy to take them here.

The length of a family visit for lineal ascendants of a foreign special professional:

Screening criteria for foreign professionals:

It is simple! Just show them your ARC (or APRC) and your Nobel Prize. Well, pay grade equivalent 160,000NTD is also an option.

Otherwise, as we do, your parents can fly to Hong Kong (Macau) for a new visa every 6 months (60 or 90 days extendable up to 180 days). Basically my mom has been living in Taiwan 365-2 = 363 days in a year for several years.
Unfortunately, this is the only option for my parents so far.


How about the arc based on investment? $5million NTD? or $200K USD?
Will that allow the holder to get NHI? Maybe after 6 months continuous stay in Taiwan?

I considered the option of bringing my mother here. But I rejected it, for the following reasons:

  1. She may not enjoy not being able to move around - she needs assistance
  2. She would find not find it easy to socialize in her typical way - due to culture & language skills
  3. She wouldn’t have as much life-independence here as she had before (see #1 & 2)
  4. Her age means that health issues are important, and she has numerous issues
  5. She came here once before and left abruptly; she was basically a fish out of water. I saw no reason that for her it would be any different a second time around.
  6. With limited interaction, limited mobility… culture acclimatization would be really difficult for her.

Of course, visas & finances & health care & accommodation would all factor into this; but none would be insoluble ultimately. To go through all of that, and then see her fail meant it was not a viable option at all. I regret that it was not viable for her. But we don’t always get what we want in life.


Hello There,

I am also moving to Taiwan and my parents are old. How do I make sure that they can stay with me.
I don’t have issue to go to other country to renew their Visa

Also share your contact details so that I can get the correct guidance from you

assuming they are foreigners.


as long as you stay here with residency, they can usually get a visitor visa to visit you. To renew their visa, they should leave Taiwan by themselves.

Or, they can get their residency if they qualify to gold card or investment visa, without working or studying.

Eh guys currently visitor visas are restricted because of the COVID plague. So under normal circumstances, yes, no problem in and out. Gotta check carefully if no problem going in or out - quarantine comes to mind for starters.

Hello There,

So If they come with Visitor Visa then they can stay for 180 days and then I can go to Hongkong to renew their Visa.
May I ask you that where you from basically, I am coming from India and got employment there in Taiwan

I guess so, unless their travel documents are Indian Identity Certificate. In that case, they should apply for their visa in India every time, iiuc.

You could ask to TECO in India or Headquarter in Taipei for more detailed and certain information.

You should keep in mind that they can refuse to approve their visa or issue non-extendable 60d visa in stead of 180d or extendable one, anytime if they want without telling the reason.

14 day quarantine in Hong Kong
14 day quarantine in Taiwan back

I am curious if parents/family members would be eligible to apply for a visitor visa with COVID exemption for visiting (resident) family. Seems like they don’t explicitly exclude it so while things like quarantine make it harder, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily impossible at the moment right?

I’ve thought they explicitly allow it now, unless they changed the policy recently again.


Thanks for your comprehensive reply, Are you also from India or Hongkong.

Do you know any Indian whose parents are residing with them.

Did anyone try to hire their parents via a rep office?
Is there an age limit?