Getting released.... do I or don't I


I’ve been in Taiwan for about 15 months. I work legally with an ARC and work permit provided by my school per our contract. I have signed another one year contract and they have just renewed my ARC for the second year.

That’s all fine.

The problem is that I just found out that I need to go back home in January for five months because of family obligations. :frowning:

A leave of absence is out of the question as the maximum amount of time I could take is one month. I don’t want to burn any bridges, so I plan to give the school one month notice of my departure.

Our contract states that if I commit a breach of contract the school will cancel their sponsorship of my ARC with the respective Taiwanese immigration authorities. That’s fine. I want to come back to Taiwan after the five months to work but not at the same school as I’m at right now. I plan to return on a vistor’s visa and start the ARC procedure again. Just like I did the first time I came here.

I’m worried that if I quit there could be some complications getting a work visa at the new school in five months. What steps can I take to make certain a smooth transistion when I return? I’ve heard that foriegners need to be released from their work permit to work at an other school after quiting. Do I need to be released? Is my ARC and work permit connected? Who do I contact to get solid information? What about the ‘blacklist’? Does it really exist or is it just a truncheon that schools hold over teachers’ heads? :?

Any information would be appreciated. Thank-you


Oh boy! It is another inquiry about the “release letter”! When are you people going to wake up and start demanding your legal rights!!

There is no specification in the Employment Services Act or the Labor Standards Law that any such “release letter” is needed. Those are the only two places it could be [b]legally[/b] specified.

Why isn’t someone stepping forward to take the city/county Department of Education to court in getting this matter straightened out for the benefit of the foreign community?? We need to deal with a real case obviously.

How much longer is everyone going to sit around?? This has been discussed in this Forum and other places for over three years at the minimum . . . . . .