Getting Rid of Junk/Clutter

I’ve always wanted to do this and it looks like I’ll get it done. I just swept through all of my stuff and sorted the keepers from the junkers. Here’s what the junker stack looks like.

I have a feeling the stack will get a little bigger as I go through the keepers. This post is just a prelude to me trying to pawn all this junk off to you fine folks. I really wanted to have that barter-exchange site running before I did this, but I guess I’ll have to settle for cash this time.

The couch looks comfy. Had much action?

Is that an Xbox I see?

Define action :slight_smile:.

Yep. There would have been a PS2 in there as well, but Nama snagged it already. If you didn’t notice it, there’s a Nintendo DS sitting on the computer. The only reason I’m getting rid of that is becuase I have two.

The DS rocks.

any of those book non fiction? What subjects?

There’s a couple self helpish books, some books on Chinese, computer books, magazines, a french books, some lonely planets (Bali and Taiwan.)

I hand wrote a list already, I’ll get a proper post up after lunch. I’ve decided that I’m going to setup a room in the apartment as a display for the junk and do it open house style. People will be able to give me a call, I’ll meet them at the MRT and they can have a look. Minimum purchase price for any item/s is a beer, so come prepared.

I also might sub-let this place furnished when I move, so if anyone is looking (or knows someone looking) for a furnished 4 bedroom place next to Dingxi, you know you to call.

why do you have 2 nintendo ds’s?

Because he’s filthy rich and doesn’t know what else to do with the money … :laughing: or he’s a gaming junky :smiley:

Is that a cheap arse PDA with supermemo installed and a ton of chinese vocabulary on it?

NO ONE CAN HAVE ANY OF IT. :smiling_imp: I’ve got first dibbs on everything.

Dude, if that’s my pda you promised to me I’m gonna armbar you until your momma hears ya in the US. :fume: