Getting rid of random household items

I’m moving out of my apartment in Tainan and leaving the city. I have a bunch of random small household items like kitchen stuff, plates, cups, a blender, boombox, etc. I have to move out pretty fast and don’t care if I get any money out of these things. Is there somewhere I can take these too and just donate them (preferably not just by dumping them on the street)? I searched the forum and couldn’t find any solid answers.

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Why not just post them on Forumosifieds?

We have a moving sales forum.

Price it to go and it will go.

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Thanks, the problem is I need to get rid of this stuff in a day or two and I’m a really busy girl who doesn’t have time to be offloading things piecemeal.

Put em all together in a single post? I dunno. I don’t know what you have so it’s a bit hard to make suggestions. Some stores take stuff as well for cash.

As I mentioned in the post, I have kitchen stuff, a blender, cups, plates and a boombox. If I were in America I would just drive up to a Goodwill and be rid of the stuff, just wondering if there are places like that in Tainan

Pawn shop. Bring it all and they’ll give you money for it.

Tainan will have pawn shops for sure.

look for 二手店 on google maps.


put it in a box, leave it on a bench outside and put a sign saying it’s free.
will be gone in 30 mins or so

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Go to the local Catholic church. They will pass it along.

Go to the local university. The students, especially foreign, can use the stuff.

There must be a recycling lady/lad with a cart in the neighborhood. They can take most of the stuff.

Google suggestions:

06 358 4477

06 261 2890

0903 056 769

Please note today is a holiday, hence call ahead to make sure it is open.


All great suggestions above. You can ask a building cleaning person if they’d like the items. One cleaning lady helped me so much. I left her my last six pack of beer and steaks on ice in the stairwell in the last plastic item that I had to get rid of.
I’ve also FB advertised items as free and had people pick them up fairly quickly.