Getting set up in kaohsiung

Hello all.
So my girlfriend and I are arriving in Kaohsiung in the next couple of days with hopes of jumping into the teaching market. Before our arrival we researched for about 10 months are were pretty confident that we would be able to find short-term accommodation while we looked for jobs. We’re in Taipei now and have spent the last few days sending out request via Couchsurfing as well as looking for cheap hostels that offer low weekly/monthly rates. We still have yet to find accommodation.

Im wondering if anyone knows of any places that would offer short-term housing for less that the $600-$1000 Nt per night rate that seems to be the average for local hostels and hotels. We don’t require a lot of space, but simply want a place rest our heads and leave our things while we seek out employment. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. My apologies if this is not the correct place for this post.

Check out Kaohsiung Living if you haven’t already.


What area? City is spread out?

Have you done any research about the teaching market in Kaohsiung?

ELT in Taiwan has not been that great over the last few years, especially for newbies. I’m no expert, but from what I’ve heard, the market is better now in Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Taizhong.

Maybe you can find a good job in K-town, but I wouldn’t just assume that. Maybe some Kaohsiung-ites can chime in on this.

The site has an option that allows you to search short-term apartments. I remember having found some with only 1 month term, there there are not many of them. Unfortunately, this site is in Chinese…

That said, I agree with the previous comment, I have also heard that the market for teaching is better in Hsinchu.

You get what you pay for imo. There are some cheap short term places available from time to time on KaohsiungLiving but one of my friends lived in one of them and hated it.

The teaching market in Kaohsiung is so-so imo. It’s a great place to live but only an average number of jobs. The problem that you will probably face is A) many larger chains like to hire teachers before CNY and will simply tell you that they don’t hire again until the summer B) A lot of part time jobs for 14-18 hrs/wk.